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Auto-Pilot is a software company with a strong focus on user involvement. We like to bring Artificial Intelligence solutions to our customers in a comprehensive manner, without much fuzz. We strive to become a true SaaS solution, but at the moment there is still a bespoke component in every project that requires specific domain knowledge. In order to maintain our high service standard we are partnering with technology consultants all over the world.

Our partners are experts in modern automation technologies and are helping many different companies succeed with their digitisation strategy. With Auto-Pilot they are able to bring a whole new spectrum of solutions to their clients, often serving as an add-on for their existing solutions. Typically Auto-Pilot is used for:

  • Setting up document / email processing flows.
  • Extension to Robot Process Automation.
  • Data visualization and analytics.
  • Data structuring and creating datasets.

Why we should work together

By partnering with Auto-Pilot you tap into the world of Natural Language Processing. By actively working together - and most of all exchanging knowledge - your team gets acquainted with handling demanding NLP projects. You stay in control of the project while we take care of all difficulties that may occur. For more information, do not hesitate to get in contact!

Let's talk

By actively partnering with some of the leading technology consultants we are able to each focus on our strengths and tackle a wide variety of challenges across many industries.

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Philip Weijschede Founder at autopilot