Handling too many emails?

Put your inbox on autopilot

The average office worker receives 120 emails per day. We have made it our mission to give your employees superpowers when it comes to handling those emails.

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Screenshot of autopilot.run interface for automated data extraction
Easy forwarding

Get an email address to forward your emails to your project. No infringement on your existing email service.

Handle free text

Since we use Artificial Intelligence we do not rely on formats. We specialize in human written text.


We have not forgotten about the attachments that might come along with your emails.


Get clear insights into the key information from your documents with our dashboard solution.

An inbox built for efficiency

Every email that enters your Auto-Pilot project is automatically interpreted by your custom trained NLP models. Inspect, verify and export the relevant information in seconds. And of course every correction you make is tracked to improve the accuracy!

Human-first interface

Auto-Pilot is praised for its clean and comprehensive interface. Unlike the competition, documents are not stripped to plain text. Being able to clearly see the table or column structures leads to better training and faster and more accurate validation.

Autopilot screenshot of processed document

Data normalization

Being able to classify and extract information is one thing, efficient post processing is another. We use multiple customizable techniques to translate, parse and normalize data. Only usable data is leaving our platform!

data mapping from entity to data

We let the numbers speak

But of course it would be much better to see it for yourself

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